Create a Separate Blog Page. How to Insert WordPress Widgets and Page Content in Posts and Pages The ability to put different types of content into a WordPress site in different places is one of the strengths of WordPress. Your dashboard is the list on the left side of the page. Drag the widgets you want to embed to the Shortcodes Sidebar. Even for the HTTP to HTTPS redirection. Download PageView; Unzip; Copy to your /wp-content/plugins directory Save your changes. After you add your page title, it’s time to add some content.Content can be anything you choose … from text, headings, images, lists, videos, tables, and lots more. Sometimes it might be the whole post, other times it might just be a section. I just need to plug it in to a WordPress page. A child theme requires a style.css so you can also make styling changes in it and nothing in your child theme will get overwritten by an update. Enter the desired values in the fields, and hit copy. Another useful and free plugin that lets you manage and create redirections in WordPress. and then i tried to put tag in the Wordpress page.. Pages are static content and often do not change its displayed information. Insert a shortcode on the page using the category slug: Add a menu item displaying the category: Select Appearance -> Menus; Select to edit Header Menu; Add created page as menu item: Even though WordPress is popular, html websites are still wide-spread. If you are running many micro websites under your WordPress or running a multi-niche WordPress blog, you may need to have different menus for your different posts, pages or category archives.In fact it is a very good idea that makes navigation smoother for visitors and they find related content more easily. WordPress category pages are the pages that list all the posts on your blog from a particular category. Embedding Web Pages within Web Pages. Although an iframe can lead to a complicated website, it can be very effective when used appropriately.. Embedding a url with this plugin is very easy. You can fully skip the description if it’s written in the custom php page. The free Elementor plugin is a complete drag-and-drop page building solution, but it can also handle simple tasks like adding buttons to your posts easily.. Here’s how… Edit with Elementor. Retrieve the embed code by clicking on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the post you want to display and select Embed: Then copy the code for the iFrame and add it to your Divi Code Module: Your iFrame will now show your Facebook post in the Divi Builder and on the front end of your site after you publish or update the page. In summary