2. Now head over to your WordPress admin area. Use [do_widget widgetname] code to add a widget by name. However when linking within a page you will need to create an end point within the page. How to Duplicate WordPress Page or Post. You can use the copy as a template for future posts, or a reference when you redesign your website. The first is when you wish to share content that doesn’t belong to you. Note: If you have pretty permalinks set up, WordPress will use your page title as the permalink of your page. Find the Page Attributes section. iFrame Shortcode is a WordPress plugin to embed any external webpage in WordPress pages, posts or even in widgets. The Carp Evolution can help you migrate your stuff where you want it with no problems. This function takes a capability which will be used to determine whether or not a page is included in the menu. Adding a Widget to Page Content. Your dashboard is the list on the left side of the page. Hello, I came across your article when I researched a problem I am having when adding a new page or post in wordpress. Create a new page/post or edit the one where you would like to embed … Now, if you add a javascript code snippet to a WordPress post or page, then it will be deleted by WordPress when you try to save it. Click the icon and you will see the standard WordPress Insert Page dialog box, allowing you to simply select any page on your site and click on the Insert Page button. Publish the page. Method 1. We called the file page-stories.php … you kept that file open right? 2) I have directly put my html in WordPress page.. You will not need to assemble the shortcode. Enter the desired values in the fields, and hit copy. I want to click on a text/headline/image and be transferred to another page (like yahoo or the likes f.ex. Just install it and head over to Settings to add and configure new redirecting: These pages give your readers a way to view all the posts on a certain topic or category in one place.. Another way, and maybe the best way, is to create a child theme with a functions.php and insert the above snippet into it. 1. Retrieve the embed code by clicking on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the post you want to display and select Embed: Then copy the code for the iFrame and add it to your Divi Code Module: Your iFrame will now show your Facebook post in the Divi Builder and on the front end of your site after you publish or update the page. Start Writing or Choose a Block. With the Elementor plugin installed, you’ll find a new Edit with Elementor button added to all your posts and pages. A child theme requires a style.css so you can also make styling changes in it and nothing in your child theme will get overwritten by an update. This is done using HTML tags, the external page’s URL, and specifications regarding how the window should appear on your site. Either click on the title of a post to add a link to an existing post, or click the blue "Add New" button next to the "Posts" header at the top of the page. I designed it in Dreamweaver as I wanted to have more control over the graphics, rollover buttons, etc. You could use the RSS feed of your WordPress blog to embed into your website. Since this is a my page, you NEED TO CREATE A PAGE from WordPress admin panel. I desire it to show when the page loads. This will bring you to a menu of all of your blog posts. WordPress allows you to configure any page to be chosen as your blog page. However, depending on your chosen WordPress theme, these category pages don’t often include any original or useful information about the posts they contain. Embedding Your WordPress Blog with Your RSS Feed. Go to Admin => Pages => Add New. Here are a few ways to call the widgets. WordPress category pages are the pages that list all the posts on your blog from a particular category. Save your changes. How to Insert WordPress Widgets and Page Content in Posts and Pages The ability to put different types of content into a WordPress site in different places is one of the strengths of WordPress. In summary